January 9, 2015: This is me in withdrawal baby and an ion foot cleanse

Today is day four of my anti-depressant ween down. I saw my doctor yesterday and she told me that Effexor is extremely hard to stop and it usually involves a prescription of Prozac to compensate for the withdrawal symptoms. Yesterday I was feeling better than I had all week and I told her I was doing okay. By the afternoon I was starting to feel a bit strange and knew withdrawal wild times were heading my way.

This morning I woke up feeling anxious which I don’t like but it was manageable. Unfortunately withdrawal had blown up. What I call brain and body twitches apparently has a name “brain-zapping”. It’s as awesome as it sounds. Here are some of the other possible symptoms to look forward to:


Look, and this site even has pictures! I think I’m the girl in the bottom picture.


I almost went back to my usual dosage just to make it all stop but I fought the urge. Damn you prescription drugs you don’t own me!! I’ll get there.

This evening I decided to try an ion cleanse foot bath. If you do any research on the subject it’s pretty clear that it’s all bullshit. You soak your feet in a small tub with salt water and an electric current running through it for about half an hour and it’s meant to pull out toxins from your body. The water changes colour and looks rather foul. Here I am at the start.

A few minutes in I’m told the yellow water is my urinary track being cleaned out. Mmm hmmm.


The clinician that set me up stayed there the whole time. All 30 minutes. She made conversation and I had to politely discuss what high school I attended, what I do for work and my gallbladder conditions (since apparently my foot water turned green)
Look at this nasty shit!!!!!!


I think I just paid $35 to talk to a stranger and soak my feet in an old rusty tub.

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