January 17, 2015: Go snowshoeing

I’ve had a really good week mood wise, clonazepams have been few and far between and I’m no longer going through any withdrawal symptoms from stage one of my anti-depressant ween down. I’m hesitant to say yet why my mood has been so good this week it’s hard to say. By the time Tuesday came around I was singing again in the shower instead of crying. #winning

A couple of days ago I bought my first pair of snowshoes. I clearly hadn’t seen a snowshoe and many years because I still thought they looked rather like this:

If you haven’t seen one in awhile either, they don’t look like that. They’re still not a popular item so you have to do some online research first before you find a store that carries enough of them that you can choose the right pair for you. As nice looking as they were, I didn’t need the $300 pair and opted for the mid range at $130ish. My daughter got a pair as well which happen to have an LED light disco party with each step.

I imagined that snowshoes kept you sort of floating over the snow which is not the case. They do still sink in a bit. If you’re not going through deep snow there’s not much point in them but in the deep snow they’re pretty amazing. I tried walking up a hill in my boots but sunk in too deep and had to turn back, snowshoes? Bitch what snow?! Fuck ya!

Pro tip as learned by me today: If you’re going snowshoeing twice in one day, do not leave your snowshoes outside in between uses. The cold hardens the rubber straps at the back so you can’t tighten them as easily as you need to to ensure they don’t fall off.

Here we are, cold as fuck but having fun.


It’s Saturday night, are you bored? Lonely? If so you should get some booze ready, start reading this post again and take a shot every time I say snowshoe or swear.
You’re welcome.

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