January 19, 2015: get denied sex

I’m sure this has happened before but I can’t remember when. I’m certain that amongst heterosexuals, men are the more frequently denied gender. Their appetites are ravenous and insatiable. Sometimes a girl just wants to sleep in without having a dick poked at her ass.

Well tonight was my denial. I sent this text:

And got this in return:

Please note that the above is not a picture of a dark, cavernous vagina. My vagina is neither dark nor cavernous. Well I’m sure it’s dark inside there but ain’t no one small enough to climb in there and look around. Unless you can shrink like Mrs. Frizzle.
This post is going tits up real fast. I’m just going to go and take care of some business…… If you know what I mean. (Masturbate, I mean I’m going to masturbate)

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