January 21, 2015: anti-depressant ween day phase two, plus bonus comments of buzzed bookstore experience

The withdrawal symptoms from the first of my ween down from Effexor have been gone for at least week and I’m my new normal. Yesterday (the 21st) I started phase two which now has me taking one-third of what I originally took. I know in another day or so more withdrawal symptoms will be heading my way but I coped with the first round so I can’t imagine it being any worse. We’ll see. Another dr.’s appointment tomorrow, she likes to check in with me regularly. Ever since I tried to kill myself in the summer I find her receptionist has been much friendlier.

My alcohol reduction has been going well too. In a couple weeks I only had one drink. Last night I went out to my favourite mexican place and had a margarita, which turned into two margaritas. When I say “a” margarita I should specify that I drink doubles. After dinner a friend and I went to wander around a bookstore and by that time I was not drunk but buzzed. I love books, and I love walking around bookstores. I’m a bit of a bookstore whore, I just can’t say no. My bank account said no but the margaritas said yes. In the end the margaritas won.


Exciting right?! I can’t wait to get them open and disrobe them with my eyes. If you love books you’ll understand. I would have loved to have started them last night but I was so tired I went right to bed. Goodbye Effexor, goodbye insomnia! Unfortunately my dreams the last two nights haven’t been good but I’ll work on that. Maybe thinking of rainbows and glitter before bed will help. I’ll harness the power of Lisa Frank.

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