January 25, 2015: ignorance is bliss, knowledge is power, Chinese products are shit

I first became a vegan after watching “meet your meat” and I wanted to share it with others. Many people I knew purposely wouldn’t watch it because they wanted to continue eating meat without feeling guilty. some people purposely avoid seeing the details of things so they don’t have to change and some people simply don’t know what they don’t know.

Today I watched another documentary that helped me to make the decision that I want to avoid all Chinese products. As any North American knows, this is no small feat. I’ve thought about trying this before… When they poisoned babies with toxic formula, killed dogs with tainted food, made toys with lead paint and installed fences on the roofs of their factories to avoid the suicides of the underpaid and desperate workers. One would think this would have been enough for me but apparently not. I avoid the Chinese grown garlic and occasionally Apple juice (don’t kid yourself North Americans, all Apple juice contains Chinese grown apples) but it’s not enough. Their non existent environmental controls, lackluster labour laws and quashing of religious freedoms and filtering of available information.

Before watching “10 questions for the Dalai lama” I was completely ignorant about his ousting by the Chinese government and the take over of Tibet and the murder of more than 1 million Tibetans. Chinese government you are fucking bullshit and do not deserve another penny of my money. North American governments: “free trade” is also bullshit. Are the Chinese buying all our made in America products? No, you’re just supporting their regime and lining the pockets of the 1% who send all the jobs to China for cheap labour. I’m very curious to see if this post gets any views from China. I think the very mention of the Dalai Lama is enough that Google will censor it out.

Unrelated: day 3 of withdrawal.
Feels like there is a burlap sack of flaccid dicks twerking in my brain. Yeah, that sounds like a party but trust me it’s not.

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