February 2, 2015: my first grown up snow day!!!

My office never closes for snow. We got to go home early a couple of years ago for a bomb scare but since then, nothing. it took two people texting me and my supervisor forwarding an email to confirm before I would believe that the office was in fact closed.

I’m still feeling like a bag of dicks, but it’s getting better each day. I planned to make the most of this day. Here is what I did:
Can’t afford to get new kitchen cabinets, but I did update the hardware!


I went snowshoeing!!

I had a campfire in the backyard:


I masturbated no fewer than 5 times (no pictures)
I painted my nails while watching an episode of Star Trek the next generation. You know, the real classic ones when commander Riker is fresh from star fleet and hasn’t grown that hot beard yet. My nails look like ass, a real pinterest fail if ever I’ve seen one. I’m not taking it off though, I’m just going to move my hands really fast tomorrow so no one notices. Flash hands!!!

Next I downloaded two new albums:  Ellie King (great song but the video sucks ass, sorry Ellie)

And Milky Chance.  Wow I super want to be friends with them.  We’d be super friends. We’d pet horses all day and roast veggie dogs over the fire at night.  Clems, Phil, call me!

I took those little terra cotta pots that I bought bulbs in yesterday (see instagram for my terrariums) and I gave them a makeover. They now have glossy gold asses.



Being awesome is exhausting.

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