February 6, 2015: make some hair bows

One week off anti-depressants and I’m almost withdrawal symptom free. I think my brain only twerked about three times today. On the flip side though, today was the first day in a long while when I felt anxious. I had to take a clonazepam first thing this morning and I was fine all day until now. My anxiety is back and it’s bad. My heart is racing, I can’t stay still comfortably. I had really hoped that my anxiety had gotten better on its own and not as a result of the anti-depressants I was on. It’s only been one day of feeling like this though so I’m still hopeful that this is just an off day. Please let this just be an off day.

This weekend is a girls weekend for my daughter and I. We both like doing crafts but unfortunately the crafts I like to do are a bit advanced for her so I often end up just having to do hers as well as mine. All the while she’s getting bored and wanting me to hurry up. Today’s craft was making hair bows. The next time I make more I will do so alone. It’s possible that all of my anxiety today was not making me as patient as I could have been with her. I like to lay out my supplies in a certain order and work at my own pace.

I originally was going to attach my hair bows to bobby pins because they’re cheap and I had lots of them but when I was ribbon shopping I found these at the craft store. They’ll stay much better in the hair with these clips anyway. I won’t lie, I broke my don’t buy products of China rule. I didn’t even consider it when I was in the craft store but when I took this pic I saw it.


The next step was to cut a length of ribbon, double the length of what you want the bow to be.

Next you put the ribbon into a circle and sew the ends together. You can do a quick ugly job because it won’t show.

Next, to cinch the bow in the middle I took a small length of ribbon. I used a really wide ribbon so I folded the center cinch length in half to make it more narrow. I used a hot glue gun to glue it on the back .

The back isn’t pretty but no one will ever see it. I just hot glue gunned the metal clip to the back and voila.

My daughter chose a much narrower ribbon and I glued on a cute button I had in my sewing box for a little extra detail.

Cute. I’ll make more another day when she’s busy doing something else.

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