February 9, 2015: Have an interview for a volunteer position

I’ve volunteered before but not since I was in high school at a hospital near the school. Candy stripers they were called, except I don’t think we wore an outfit. Did we wear a red and white striped apron with ruffled edges? No, I think that’s a fake memory. The volunteering part was actually true. I volunteered in the days when it was optional and not mandated for students like it is now. I hated it. Topping up sick people’s styrofoam cups with water and making change on the snack cart. I think my mom might have made me do it. I suppose there are worse things in a life a parent can do than instilling a good work ethic and sense of selflessness.

I’m a grown up now so i can actually volunteer to volunteer.

I didn’t technically apply for this position but instead contacted the lead and expressed my interest. I wanted to take pictures for my local humane society. A good picture can make all the difference for adoptions and public interest. Tonight was my interview which involved submitting an application, informal questions and bringing a sample of my work. Apparently I got the job because I had my picture taken for my ID card and signed lots of forms. She also asked me if I had ever submitted any of my pictures to national geographic. Flattering but girl have you seen national geographic? Dayum they’ve got skills.

Given my paying job is during their core hours much of the work I’ll be doing for them is covering special events and shooting their fundraising events like pet pictures with Santa etc. it should be fun and I’m looking forward to it. Orientation and my first event are both next week. National cupcake day bitches! God, I like cupcakes.

Found this today and thought it was a good representation of my recent ex-Pfizer.


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