February 23, 2015: masterbate with Vick’s vaporub

I didn’t mean to, it was an accident.

I’ve been sick for several days now and the coughing at night makes it hard to sleep so I’ve been rubbing Vick’s on my chest. Imagine me seductively sliding my hands all over my breasts until they’re shiny and smooth. Now imagine the complete opposite of that. Phlegm coughs and a red nose, that’s what it’s really like.

I washed my hands, I even used soap. But apparently I didn’t use enough. I climbed into bed feeling sexy as shit and decided I needed a sleep aid in the form of self pleasure. At first I thought my hand was just really cold, but then it was minty. It was minty magic. It was fresh, it was fun. Vick and I had a damned good time together.

I rubbed some in my eye by accident. That felt pretty good too. Minty eye. Fuck, what a fantastic night.

TIL eyeballs and clitorises are very permeable.


One thought on “February 23, 2015: masterbate with Vick’s vaporub

  1. As a matter of fact I know exactly how that feels. I put vicks and the like on my eyes and now its bit of an addiction. I have also tried masterbating with it, the sensation is undifinable.

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