February 25, 2015: drink a cup of tea….. And come up with a fantastic health monitoring system

This is not the most interesting part of this post but it’s essential none the less. Is nonetheless one word? Yes, autocorrect says it is. That’s a bit ridiculous, that’s just three wordssmushedtogether. No hot drinks. That’s me. I don’t like hot drinks. I’ve wanted to, I’ve tried to but I never have. Today was my first full cup of green tea. It was made drinkable with a slice of lemon and local organic dark honey. It was actually quite good. Maybe it’s because I’m still sick.

Now on to my health monitoring system idea. It’s quite gross actually but highly effective…. I think. Probably not. Since I have been sick for almost a week now my poo has been quite variable in colour and firmness. I’m sure it’s an indication of my current health but it keeps changing. Why is that? I don’t know, but if it ever came to it, wouldn’t a health professional really appreciate a graph? A poo graph. Makes sense so far right? Now here is the gross but Integral piece, the daily charting (perhaps in bar graph style) uses poo. Given that consistency of poo varies there would need to be some kind of a tool used because no one is going to want to just pick it up and smear it on. Also people might feel intimidated walking into the dr’s office with a large presentation board poo bar graph. I do understand that it sounds foul but I think it has merit. Just a few minor details to be worked through.

I’ve also had a fantastic idea about an art exhibit. It’s so awesome that I legitimately don’t want to say what it is in case someone steals my idea. I will tell you that I require penis volunteer(s) and enhanced sewing skills. Check back periodically this year for the grand online exhibit unveiling…. Should I acquire the penis and the sewing that is.

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