March 1, 2015: im on my way to a full bush!!!

Waxing is painful, expensive and painful. I’ve grown tired of shaving and went a few days without it which resulted in the itchies so bad you’d think I had crabs.

I’m done. I quit. I’m going full fucking bush. I’ve done two straight vertical trim lines on the side so no tufts come creeping out. It’s been so long since I’ve been full bush I don’t remember what it’s like. Do I shampoo and condition it or is soap sufficient? Will it look like I’ve got a hedgehog stuffed down the front of my pants? Will I have to increase my visual inspections of the toilet seat so I don’t become one of “those people”? Will I accidentally start twisting it into little dreads in front of other people? I’ve tried this before but I couldn’t do it. This is it. I’m committing myself. In celebration please enjoy my favourite full bush synonyms.

Fur burger
Magic carpet
Cunt weasel

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