March 8, 2015: celebrate international women’s day by getting drunk and watching Julia Stiles movies

Unfucking believable! I just typed half this entry only to drunkity hit “undo” and have it all disappear.

I’ve tried toasted caramel whiskey for the first time today. It began with lunch. It is glorious. It is sweet dessert in my mouth.

I should probably celebrate woman’s day by reading some Steinem or volunteering at hospitals for children with cancer however instead I choose to get afternoon drunk and watch Julia Stiles movies.

Julia Stiles is possibly the best actress in the world and her 90’s teen romance movies are my absolute favourite. She makes me giddy, laugh and cry all in the same film. Julia, you are a real gem, a marvel and a delight to the senses. So is this whiskey. Cheers!

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