March 7, 2015: go from naked in bed to neighborhood walk

I’ve been shoving all kinds of unhealthy food in my food hole lately. I got into the habit of eating rubbish over the past couple of years when I was trying to seek happiness and comfort in food. It didn’t help me feel any happier but it did help me gain 20 pounds (I went to the doctor last week for a physical and got the news then). I knew I had gained weight, obviously I can tell and I wasn’t happy but that number, ugh. Anyway that’s not the point. The point is that these greasy salty food cravings have continued. I ate all kind of rubbish today and didn’t do much of anything. Everyone knows that when you put garbage into your body and lie around like a sloth you’re going to feel like shit.

I went to bed early as I had nothing else to do and ended up naked looking at imgur and twisting my growing lady mound of pubic hair into dreads. That was satisfactory for awhile but then I actually felt like a lazy sloth and decided to do something about it. First it was just lazy person naked exercises in my bed whilst I continued to look at my phone, but then I actually became bored of the Internet and decided to go for a walk. I didn’t bother putting on socks or underwear, it wasn’t one of THOSE kind of walks.

Highlights of my walk, in chronological order:
1. Realizing that it was warm enough out that the snow is melting and the air didn’t hurt my face.
2. Finding this gorgeous ice shelf on the road over a mini river:


3. Stepping on that ice shelf hard enough to hear that satisfying crunch but fast enough that I didn’t get my foot into the little road river.
4. Hearing the skate blade sound on the ice rink as people skated at the park.
5. Seeing just how much shit was on the snow underneath the bird tree on the street parallel with mine and feeling happy that I don’t have a bird tree.
6. Looking in other peoples houses and trying to see what they’re watching on TV.
7. Feeling better than the people in their houses watching tv.
8. Getting exercise and fresh air.

Now that I feel better about myself I’m going to continue with those dreads. Seriously though, how do people stand public hair?! I don’t think I’m managing it well.

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