March 9, 2015: play Mario Party on Nintendo 64

Sometime after 1985 my father gave me one of the biggest shocks of my life and bought a Nintendo for me. In retrospect I think he actually bought it for himself. It only came with one game, the Mario/duck hunt combo. I loved it and played it often. We acquired quite a selection of games often found in the garbage (my dad was an engineer at the municipal waste incineration plant). They weren’t the top sellers of course but I came to enjoy “A boy and his blob” and “metal gear”.

That was the first and last game system he ever bought. Game boys, play stations and computers were all bought by me after that.

Tonight was my first time playing Mario Party. Maybe it would have been more fun if I’d actually played with someone else. Also if it wasn’t so old that it showed desaturated and pixelated on the screen.



I raged out a bit, gave the TV the finger and said “fuck you Peach!” I think it’s given me some mild anxiety. I’m still palpitating.

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