March 14, 2015: propagate the shit out of a succulent and get stuck in an unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt matrix

Things with my celery seeds have not been going well. Deaths have occurred, lessons have been learned. I have not become discouraged though and today I was pleased to learn that the succulent I was trying to propagate has finally sprouted. Don’t mind the fact that my phone focussed on the dirt on my finger instead of the succulent nub.

Isn’t it lovely? Yes it’s easy and literally anyone could do it, but still. I could start my own succulent empire if I wanted to. It’s nice to have options.

Tonight I was supposed to go out with another friend but as luck would have it we were both feeling lazy and indifferent. Who the fuck did I think I was making plans two nights in a row? I hate doing things two nights in a row. Instead I decided to start watching unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Episode one was okay but nothing great. Episode two was mildly interesting with possibly one more laugh than episode one. I don’t know why but for a completely ridiculous show I felt compelled to just keep going and before I knew it Id watched 8 episodes without getting off the couch. Damn it they’ve got me.

In other news this week, New things that happened that I didn’t write about:
Tuesday: Jerked someone off and accidentally sprayed their splouge on my face.
Wednesday: called the number on a lost cat poster thinking I’d seen the cat. I ended up crouching down calling “Suzie” to lure the cat close to me as the housebound senior on the phone needed to know if it was really Suzie so I had to see if this cat had green eyes. In the end I had to apologize to the sad senior because this cat had balls and was clearly not Suzie. I did tell her that Suzie seemed very beautiful from her picture and that someone had probably taken her in and was feeding her well. (Obviously a lie, Suzie is clearly dead)

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