March 19, 2015: prune my apples trees…. If you know what I mean….

And by prune my apple trees I mean…. Prune my apple trees.  They hadn’t been pruned since they were planted a couple years ago and they were looking gangly. Early spring before any new growth happens is the best time. Plus I had ordered some new fiskars pruners from Amazon that were begging to be used. 

I’m getting very eager to get gardening and this shitty ass cold drag on winter is making me want to punch someone in the face. 

After the apples I wanted more so I dethorned my lime tree. You’ve pricked your last finger mother fucker!

My science experiment of figuring out how much alcohol I can consume without triggering an anxiety attack is coming along nicely. Two drinks is okay (my version of two is probably a normal person’s four) but five drinks (again my version of five drinks) is too many. Next up is to try four and see how that goes.  Science is fun. 

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