March 21, 2015: Learn creole

Im going to volunteer in Haiti at the end of this year and wanted to learn a little creole. The Creole language was created from a combination of French settlers and African slaves. I know French relatively well and thought creole would be easy to pick up.

Obviously there’s a free app for learning creole because there’s an app for everything. It’s going to be a little more challenging than I thought. Some of it is very easy, the Creole words sound almost identical to the French ones but are spelled very differently. It’s as though they just got a bit lazy and dropped some letters in speech and went with phonetic spelling. 

Thank you. Merci. Mesi. 

Then there are other words that are absolutely nothing like French at all. For those ones maybe I’ll make up some picture flash cards: “Where is the bathroom? I like cats. My, what a fabulous hat! “And yes, those are the three phrases I think will be most valuable. 

According to this app I’ve already mastered 10% of it. I am so smart. SMRT. 

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