March 23, 2015: get my license to serve liquor

okay, we’ll start it at least. A friend asked me to help him serve a party he’s bar tending for on good Friday and I agreed. In order to do this I have to get my license to serve. It cost me $35 and said 3-4 hours. I thought it was an over exaggeration but sadly it’s not. It won’t let me advance to the next screen until they’ve read aloud in that slow well annunciacted voice. Damnnit. I’m pretty sure I’m not going to make more money than the cost of this license and my time. I’ll probably end up with a pocket full of buttons and lint as tips. 

On another note, I think restaurants should be advised to tell you when they change suppliers. Don’t fucking pretend that those pickles are the same, I know you’ve got a new pickle supplier and I think you should be forthright about it. 

And now I must mentally prepare myself to return to work after a 10 day vacation. Where my sugar daddies at? 

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