March 24, 2015: after four years of owning an iPhone, realize I’ve been an idiot

not about owning an iPhone. I love my iPhone dearly and don’t regret a moment of the time we’ve spent together. What I do regret is that I have literally just now, after four years, learned how to save a picture from a webpage. All these years when I’ve wanted to send a funny picture via text to someone I’ve done a screen shot then gone into an editing program to crop out the background.  It turns out there’s a button that lets you view image and then another one that lets you save image!!! The future is now! 

And to the new followers after yesterday’s post: I’ve spent some time wondering what in particular about yesterday’s post made you want to follow. I’ve decided that you are either 

A: passionate about pickles or

B: sugar daddies

Either way, WELCOME! 

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