March 27th, buy discount underwear and learn to use a cash register

A couple weeks ago I started to notice my underwear supply seemed to be decreasing. I thought maybe some was in thee laundry or gotten mixed in with someone else’s laundry. Then, I found it. Lifting up the mattress to get the dog out from under the bed, I saw them. A treasure trove of crotchless panties. My dog had been taking them from the laundry, eating the crotches and hiding the evidence. My dog is gay for me. 

I don’t like rummaging through piles of things when I shop. I like my clothes including underwear to be in nice little rows and hanging on hangers but the reality is when replacing a large number of underwear all at once I couldn’t afford the ones on the hangers. I could afford the 7 for $28 rummage through a pile kind. And so I am now the proud owner of 7 new pairs of discount panties with crotches.

In the evening, in preparation for my first bar tending experience next week, I learned to use a cash register. I don’t even know if that’s what they’re still called. I’ve never worked in service or retail before and hadn’t the slightest ideal of how to use one. I’m terrible at math and not keen on new things so it was a little intimidating at first. First I watched then I tried a few times and it will be easy enough once I get to use it. I’ll have to get used to it quickly because bar tending isn’t slow paced work. Oh god, what if I can’t hear people over the band and keep having to say “pardon?” or if I forget which is the premium liquor and which is the house? Maybe I’ll go in early and put sticky notes on everything. Yes, sticky notes will solve everything. 

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