March 29, 2015: Make bread

Since  learning about a month ago what L-cysteine is (a protein made from human hair and/or feathers) that is commonly found in bread products, I have been avoiding fast food restaurants that serve burgers or subs and buying only fresh made in store bakery bread. I’m not eating hair, or feathers. Another reminder to always read the ingredients in what you buy. If you don’t know what it is, you shouldn’t put it in your mouth. Words to live by. 

I was the first one awake on a sunny Sunday so I decided today was the day Id make my first loaf of bread. While I am lazy, I’m still fancy so I went with an onion and cheese loaf. I found the recipe here:

1/4 of a cup of sugar seemed excessive to me so I just added a little sprinkle. I wanted bigger bits of cheese so I used the giant side of my cheese grater, although not all graters have that as an option. My grater is better than your grater!!! The recipe didn’t say what size pan to use so I went with a large round cake pan. Here it is ready to go in the oven. 


And here it is all done.


As its a yeast free recipe, it’s quite dense and more like a biscuit. It was delicious and paired well with my fresh lemon and green tea for breakfast. Next time I think I will actually make it into biscuits instead of a loaf. 

Who the fuck do I think I am now? Drinking tea and eating fresh bread on a Sunday morning. Awesome, that’s who I am. I’m awesome. 

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