March 30, 2015: Buy a documentary

This is yesterday’s post but I fell asleep just after 8pm watching 3rd Rock from the sun on Netflix.  I’m living the dream!!!!!

With my vegetable seedlings well underway and plans to expand my garden on my mind, I did some reading yesterday about permaculture.  If you’re not familiar with that term, it’s short for permanent agriculture. Essentially it’s different methods of farming in an environmental friendly and sustainable way.  While reading I came across the trailer for an upcoming documentary about permaculture in various climates both rural and urban. It looks pretty fucking awesome:

I’ve been all over documentaries lately on Netflix, OMG GMO, hungry for change, living on a dollar etc. They’ve been inspirational for me and have led me to quite drastically change my eating habits in the last couple of weeks. I like watching documentaries, but I don’t own any. Like most people I just don’t buy movies anymore.  This one really interested me though and it looks like it could be valuable to look back on later for reference so I bought it.  And not only did I buy it, but I PRE-BOUGHT it because it’s not even out yet! My savings are non-existent but it seemed like a project that needed support. If only I had friends who liked gardening and/or environmental issues we could have a watching party on release day.  There would be local organic party snacks held in artisan pottery, we’d drink local wine, get drunk and gently turn over my planting beds.

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