March 10, 2015: spend Friday night hearing an environmental scientist speak 

That is perhaps not most people’s usual social activity of choice for a Friday, but it was mine. My city is currently in the process of having a company court it for a waste gasification plant located on the waterfront. There are many issues with this from an environntal, economic, tourist and social standpoint and I wanted to learn more about it. The group that put on the event was an environmental one and so the evening took on a one sided view from a passionate scientist. It was informative and was helpful given the audience. Of particular interest to me was his zero waste solution which was ripe with social enterprise ideas. 

It was lovely way to spend an evening with a friend feeling connected with our community and home by 9:30! 

I wish I could say that my anxiety attacks have stopped but they haven’t. I seem to be stuck in a sort of vortex of daily panic. I was doing so well for so long and it only took three days of triggers to put me on a repeat cycle. This mornings panic set in early. 5am early when I was woken up by the fucking birds that think everyone wants to hear their sweet spring song. Well you’re wrong birds, I want you to shut the fuck up so I can sleep later than 5am on a Saturday morning. Then of course being awake gave me opportunity to think about something occurring tomorrow (it’s a long and uninteresting story) that is causing me stress and then I could also feel shin splints from my 45 min steep decline walk to work yesterday. And bam, perfect storm. Curl up in a ball and breathe through it time. Next time I’m just going to run outside naked and yell at all the birds. 

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