April 15, 2015: well, I’m a horrible person. I cancelled my volunteer gig at the last minute and am drinking champagne instead.

Does it make me slightly better if I said I didn’t have a particularly good day at work? Probably not.

A person who has been gone from my work life has returned today and their very presence put me in a bad mood. I don’t like being around negativity and manipulation and having them in my space started my day with resentment for my job. Then I spent my lunch hour in court learning that I will be subpoenaed as a witness for a trial on a day that happens to fall on my vacation time. Sonofabitch. My afternoon meeting that I thought was done at 3pm ended at 4pm. My ride home forgot about me and then when I finally did get home, my shipment of 12 bags of vegan marshmallows for $103.26 arrived containing 1 bag of marshmallows. That equates to about $3.50 per marshmallow. Sonofabitch. 

That left me feeling completely unenthoused about my volunteer shift tonight taking pictures of a volunteer dinner event. Maybe if it was taking pictures of something more important I would have been fine, but socializing with strangers isn’t appealing to me on a good day. And so I called in. I was hoping for a machine but I got a person. I said I had to work late and I couldn’t make it. Technically I was at work late since my ride forgot about me but the truth is I could have made it. I just didn’t want to. After my day the thought of a dinner event with strangers couldn’t be further from what I wanted to do. I did feel bad initially but I have accepted that it probably would have pushed me over the edge and I would have had to call in sick tomorrow. 

There were two good parts to my day though.

1. An attractive man driving an attractive car made eye contact with me at a stop light and smiled.

2. I had the chance to catch up with a coworker that I’m quite fond of (not aforementioned negative manipulator)

Oh, there’s a 3. CHAMPAGNE!!! 

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