June 4, 2015: truth time, honesty hour, sharing secrets: I like when men cum quickly

Not all the time of course, that would have the potential to develop into a very one sided sexual relationship. Which I suppose would work out well for some people. No judgement. 

No one wants to have sex for hours, that’s bullshit. Sometimes when a man  takes a long time to cum it makes me wonder what’s wrong with me. I feel inadequate and unattractive. Every now and then when a man just can’t hold on, I fucking love it. It’s a huge self-esteem boost and it makes me feel wanted and powerful.  I can have an orgasm whenever I want but self esteem is harder to come by. 

The first time I had that experience was in high school. I was talking to a male friend about the fact that I had never given a BJ and he kindly offered his penis for practice. Practice penis. How chivalrous of him! He came so quickly I wrote about it in my diary. I thought I was the BJ queen. Now we’re Facebook friends and “like” pictures of each other’s children. 

All you quick cumers out there: keep up the good work, you’re doing a good thing!!! 


May 30, 2015: take a bird to an animal rescue 

Apparently I took a little break from writing. Perhaps it was laziness, or perhaps it’s that I don’t feel the need to write as an outlet anymore as I am fabulously sane. 

Either way, my new things of the day have been somewhat lackluster. They’ve included such highlights as discovering that Anaheim is actually in California, not Florida, riding a scooter and learning how to use an antique printing press.

It takes a lot to get me to leave my house at 7pm on a cold rainy Sunday. Even on a nice day I don’t like unplanned outings, I find them to be stressful and generally unpleasant. 

A friend called me tonight at 7pm on this cold and rainy Sunday to accompany her to a wildlife rehab with an injured fledging she found. I’ve spent $500 on vet bills for kittens I’ve found, regularly catch and return lost dogs home and cry at humane society commercials so this was right up my alley and I didn’t think twice about going. 

Here we are on the way there. The little fellow was on my lap slowly warming up and drying off safe in his little box.


Here he is. A northern Flicker, which I have never seen nor heard of ever before. 

Once we arrived, he was given a very quick look see and it seems as though this poor fellow might be blind. Apparently it is quite common for birds to fly into the side of a vehicle and the impact detaches their retnas. How horrific. 

Right as we were leaving this little ducking was brought in. He was found alone in the middle of the street. It’s so fluffy!!!!

A fawn was also on its way in. The kindhearted people who work in wildlife rescue are operating a 24 hour centre with limited resources and what I imagine to be non existent vacations. Cheers to all those amazing people who do the work I don’t think I ever could. 

On our way home we passed a horse on the wrong side of the fence near the road. I’m not sure if he was stuck on the fence or just really close and harassing the other horses. Either way we were going to stop to help but we saw an unmarked police car and another car there so we thought it was under control. We’re good people. Good people should wear capes. Shiny swooshy ones that you can dramatically flip when you leave a room.