July 26, 2015: Take my kids camping

I’m no stranger camping, I’ve done it my whole life.  My parents didn’t have a lot of money and were very frugal so all of our vacations involved camping.  No Disney World for this girl! I continued on camping with friends into adulthood  up to about 13 years ago when all of my camping equipment was stolen from my condo storage locker.  We never replaced the stolen gear and so my children had never been camping.  This weekend was finally the time when we loaded our tiny car up to the roof and drove on our way.  The kids were very excited about the whole thing and told anyone who would listen that we were going.

Camping is a very intimate experience and you have to really be comfortable with the people you go with.  You will look ugly, you will smell and you will probably fight with your significant other about where the fuck they put the goddamned spoons. When you change out of your bathing suit sand will ping off your sleeping bags and be stuck in places where you didn’t want to wipe yourself in front of someone else. Your sleep will be horrific because you will hear people around you horking up snotty spit balls, the birds will start chirping at 4am and Collin the kid at the campsite next to you will start whining and yelling for his DS at 7am. His dad will get sick of it and not know how to respond so he will yell “Jesus Collin, shut-up”. You will get so fucking annoyed at Collin that you will yell “Shut the fuck up Collin before I make you watch while I smash your DS”  You probably won’t actually say that though, you’ll just lay in your tent silently judging Collin’s dad for allowing Collin to bring a DS camping. You will be covered in mosquito bites and probably catch West Nile virus.

Despite all of that though, camping is pretty great. Between swimming, hikes, sword fighting with sticks and collecting pinecones, my kids behaved very well and seemed to love the whole thing. I might maybe possibly actually take them again sometime.

marsh sky

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