July 27, 2015: Get emergency ready AND join the future

It’s that time of the year when you hear lots of stories about dogs being left in hot cars and many people left helpless to save them in time. A year or two ago I found a dog in a hot car and stood by waiting for the owner for a few minutes before I was about to call the police. luckily the owner came out in time (I gave them shit).  It’s nice to think that if we had to we could break a car window but the reality is that with tempered glass, even if you had a hammer it would be extremely difficult to impossible. I like to be prepared so I bought the “reqme” which at $10 for peace of mind is a fair price. It has a blade which can cut through a seatbelt or denim in case of an accident or easily break a car window. Safety first!!!

Now, to the future!! For many years I’ve been complaining that tv’s don’t have wifi (apparently some of the new ones do now, but I’m not buying a new tv) I don’t have cable, just Internet and so a tv in my room would be useless without connecting it to my computer. It makes me feel old and uncool to know that in fact these little devices to give your TV wifi have actually existed for years now. True story! Enter my brand new Google Chromecast.

It’s cheap and easy which is what I look for in technology and in friends. My only complaint is that it doesn’t like to skirt the law. Although my network is set up to block my IP address and Netflix region hop, Chromecast says “bitch, I’m a law abiding citizen and won’t tolerate your shit.” I’m sure there’s a secret solution to that somewhere, but baby steps right?! 


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