August 14, 2015: go to a yoga rave 

I had planned months ago to attend a yoga rave with a mutually anxiety ridden friend. Basically our plans only ever come to fruition 50% of the time because usually one of us backs out. We have  an understanding that we can back out without the other person being upset. It’s a lovely arrangement although we rarely see each other. I feel like my anxiety is in remission and overall it’s quite under control. I wish I could tell me from 7 years ago that things would get better.

What is a yoga rave you ask? Well it’s a facilitated yoga class held under black lights with the participants wearing glow body paint, glo-sticks and a DJ spinning house music mixes.

As the event grew closer my friend was becoming increasingly anxious about it and in the end was unable to attend because of the stress. That of course gave me an out…. The class was far away and I wouldn’t know anyone. I quite like doing things on my own, dinner, movies, galleries etc. but those are all things that don’t involve making conversation. I go to yoga alone as well but this one would be different. In the end what got me to go was the knowledge that if I didn’t, I would be disappointed in myself. I know me and I didnt want to be on the receiving end of my loathing.

When I got there, the body paint was self-administered so being friendless I painted my own damn self. I then befriended two other single riders at the event. I love engaging in conversations with people and then knowing that you’ll never have to see them again. Ever. It fulfills my joy of human interaction without any kind of comitment. 

I was overzealous with snapping my glo-stick into action and it exploded on me. The glowing green splatters looked incredible until the burning skin pain started. It took significant efforts to remove it and the effected skin turned white. I am pleased to report no lasting skin damage or pain ensued. 

The event was open to all, beginners included. Those poor beginners, fuck it was a tough and sweaty class. It moved a lot faster than a regular class given the DJ and all his unce unce unce beats. 

I spent 80% of the time watching the girl in front of me. Her poses, like her ass were tiiiiight. And dayum those tiny shorts.  Girl your ass is finer than my grandmas China. I digress. Although it might seem insignificant to many, I am proud of myself for going out and having a good time on my own. Plus: asses. 

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